About Red Party

The Red Party is one of the main political parties of the United States of Persia, which follows the Capitalism Method, for sharing the economic power between private own organizations.

Many citizens of the United States of Persia, believe that the Executive Branch should follow the Regulations that have been designed based on Capitalism Methods, in which the country’s trades and industries should be controlled by private own organizations, such as corporations, and large, medium-sized, and small businesses for profit. The members of this Party believe the production of goods and services is based on supply and demand in the general market, known as a market economy, rather than through central planning, a planned economy, or a command economy by the government.

The United States of Persia is a democratic political system, that involved different political Methods. There are 4 main Political Parties that citizens can replace according to the needs of society during each election times by the majority of votes. People with similar ideas belong to the same Political Party, where they can choose the best candidates who can join the Presidential election, and if they are elected run the Executive Branch of the country. 

You as a citizen and a political Guardians of the United States Of Persia have the responsibility and legal rights to join a Political Party of the United States of Persia, to support your nation. To Join Red Party follow the steps below, and if you have any questions about how to join and be a positive member, contact the nearest Political Group in your local area. For sure there are many people who are ready to help you. 

Join Red Party

If you are a citizen of the United States of Persia and would like to join Red Party, then you should follow the below steps:

  1. Make sure you do your own research and study Political Parties, and Political Methods, to understand the meaning of the Capitalism Method completely.
  2. Find out about the nearest Red Party Group in your area, or the state you are living, and join the group meetings. 
  3. During the regular group meetings, learn more about the Red Party method, and see how you can be positive and implement this method in society. 
  4.  Understand your powers, and be creative with new ideas that can help you to grow in your group, which gives you the opportunity to be a leader in the Red Party.